Formed in 2007 and armed with a Promo EP, RIPSAW burned their home town Weert to the
ground before spreading the fire across the borders and end up on the Wacken open air
stage shortly after releasing the live EP "Skullbashing Battles" in 2008.

After releasing the devastating debut album "Bulletgroove" in 2012, the 4 former
members turned into a 3 headed beast after the departure of "The Duke", who
unfortunately imploded on himself during a live show!
Speculations claim that all that was left of the rhythm guitarist was a trail of smoke
and a puddle of goo when it all happened.

But! After a 2 year period of charging up and shining their horns, RIPSAW is back
and hungry for seconds! Their live shows are a gamble game that will stick to your
guts. Showing teeth more fierce than ever before.